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  • Section 12 of the BC Emergency Program Act allows local authorities, includingthe City of Prince George Council, to declare states of local emergency.
  • The intent of states of local emergency is to give the City extraordinary powers to prevent, respond to, or alleviate the effects of an emergency or disaster.
  • The City Council must declare a stateof local emergency before ordering the evacuation of persons at risk, or to exercise other powers granted by the Emergency Program Act.

Declaration of State of Local Emergency

12 (1) A local authority or, if a local authority consists of more than one person, the head of the local authority, may, at any time that the local authority or the head of the local authority, as the case may be, is satisfied that an emergency exists or is imminent in the jurisdictional area for which the local authority has responsibility, declare a state of local emergency relating to all or any part of the jurisdictional area.

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