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  City of Prince George Bylaws

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The online versions of the bylaws of the City of Prince George listed below are provided for information or research purposes only. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of copies of bylaws posted on this web site; however, these are not official versions of City of Prince George bylaws, they should not be relied upon as such, and these documents are not admissible in a court of law. For such purposes, official certified copies can be obtained from the Corporate Officer.

Before making any decisions based on the online copies of bylaws, you should confirm all information contained therein. The City of Prince George will in no event be liable or responsible for damages of any kind arising out of the use of the online copies of bylaws.

For the City's Zoning Bylaw, click here.

For the City's Official Community Plan Bylaw, click here.


This list can be resorted by clicking on one of the column titles
77712005Animal Control Bylaw No. 7771, 2005 [Consolidated]
59121993Building Bylaw
78512007Business License Bylaw
81012007City of Prince George Animal Performance Bylaw No. 8101, 2007
88132016City of Prince George Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw
80462008City of Prince George Cemetery Bylaw No. 8046, 2008 - Consolidated
57051991City of Prince George Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Warning Sign Bylaw No. 5705, 1991
76612004City of Prince George Garbage Collection Regulation Bylaw No. 7661, 2004 [Consolidated]
80652008City of Prince George Highways Bylaw No. 8065, 2008 [Consolidated}
38481982City of Prince George Noise Control Bylaw No. 3848, 1982 [Consolidated]
83482011City of Prince George Off-Street Parking Bylaw No. 8348, 2011 [Consolidated]
60561993City of Prince George Parking and Traffic Bylaw No. 6056, 1993 [Consolidated]
84252012City of Prince George Property Maintenance Bylaw No. 8425, 2012
88412017City of Prince George Purchasing Bylaw No. 8841, 2017
78972006City of Prince George Sanitary Sewer Bylaw
86252014City of Prince George Snow and Ice Route Restriction and Regulation Bylaw No. 8625, 2014 [Consolidated}
82662010Clean Air Bylaw
47081986Clean Indoor Air Bylaw
78522007Commercial Vehicle Licensing Bylaw
75572004Comprehensive Fees and Charges Bylaw
82982010Controlled Substance Property Bylaw
83332011Council Procedures Bylaw
84142012Council Remuneration Bylaw
78252007Development Cost Charge Bylaw
76352005Development Procedures Bylaw
84712012District Energy System Bylaw
83702011Downtown Revitalization Tax Exemption Bylaw
60671993Election and Other Voting Procedures Bylaw
79202006Emergency Program Bylaw
82722013Fire Protection and Emergency Bylaw
82852010Flood Plain Bylaw
86892015Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Bylaw
83902012Heritage Alteration Permit Procedures Bylaw
81332008Heritage Commision Bylaw
85222013Indemnification Bylaw
72882001Local Improvement Charges Bylaw
86792015Multi-Family Housing Incentive Bylaw
83402011Officer Positions and Delegation of Authority Bylaw
73702002Parks and Open Space Bylaw No. 7370, 2002 [Consolidated]
34561979Prince George Firearms By-Law
60911993Prince George Manufactured Home Park Bylaw
70221999Prince George Soil Removal and Deposit Bylaw No. 7022, 1999 - Consolidated
86882015Records Management Bylaw
80982008Second-Hand Dealers and Pawnbrokers Bylaw
63581995Security Alarm System Bylaw
50321988Sidewalk Vendors By-law
72022001Sign Bylaw
85912016Smoke and Vape Free Places Bylaw
26561974Storm Sewer Bylaw
81922009Transportation of Dangerous Goods Bylaw
63431995Tree Protection Bylaw
78532007Vehicles for Hire Bylaw
74792003Water Regulation and Rates Bylaw No. 7479, 2003 [Consolidated]
74792003Water Regulations and Rates - Schedule E

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