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  Automated Garbage

What is automated collection?

With automated collection, each household was supplied with a specifically designed cart to be placed curbside on their collection day. The homeowner was given a choice of three sizes of carts: a large 360 litres (95 gallons), a medium 250 litres (65 gallon) and a small 135 litres (35 gallon). The large cart has a capacity equivalent to four average-size garbage cans, whereas the medium cart holds the equivalent of three average-size garbage cans. The small cart holds the equivalent of 1½ average-size garbage cans, and is only recommended for people who regularly recycle and compost, and therefore generate much less garbage than the average Prince George household.
garbage truck

On collection day, residents are required to wheel these carts to the curbside before 8:00am for collection. The City will empty the carts using collection vehicles equipped with an articulating arm; this arm grasps and quickly empties the carts and returns them to their original position, all without the operator leaving the cab. This method of operation is performed quicker and safer than traditional manual collection methods.

When do I set out my garbage?

     Garbage Collection Zones and Garbage Pickup Schedule


Current residential garbage collection map

Automated Garbage Collection Schedule


What to do on collection day?

what to do 

  • Set it out by 8 am
  • Set out your container by 8 am in the lane or street you normally use to set out your garbage (unless we have instructed you otherwise). Crews begin work at 8 am.

  • Point it
  • Place your container so the arrow on the lid points towards the centre of the lane or street. The container's wheels should be against the curb with the handle facing your property.

  • Space it
  • Space your container so there is at least 2 m (6 feet) of space on all sides and 3 m (10 feet) of clearance above. Make sure to leave 2 m between containers if you have more than one or are close to your neighbour’s.

  • Remove it
  • Containers must be removed from the roadway no later than 7:00pm on the day of collection.

  • Demonstration?
  • If you have a fast internet connection, you can download a short demonstration video of the process in mpeg format: Download short demonstration video (MPEG - 6.01MB)

What NOT to do on collection day?



Do not overfill your container. To ensure collection please make sure the lid is completely closed. Overloaded carts will not be emptied.

Overflowitis looks like this! (view the video).

Do not put these items in your container:

  • NO propane tanks or cylinders
  • NO automobile tires
  • NO lead-acid batteries (e.g. car batteries)
  • NO paints, solvents or any liquids
  • NO hazardous materials (e.g. pesticides)
  • NO gypsum (drywall)
  • NO animal carcasses
  • NO used oil or oil filters
  • NO TV's or computer monitors

Click here to find out how you can recycle or dispose of these and other items.

 what not to do

Variable Rate User Pay System

With different sizes of containers being offered to homeowners, benefits to both the homeowner and the municipality can be achieved. Homeowners who generate less volume of waste have the opportunity to pay less by using the smaller container sizes. The incentive to reduce, reuse and recycle is evident.


The current rates per container size are as follows:

  • Small         (135 litres) is $140 a year which works out to $2.70*a collection
  • Medium    (250 litres) is $184 a year which works out to $3.55* a collection
  • Large         (360 litres) is $224 a year which works out to $4.30* a collection 

More information is available on the Frequently Asked Questions page

Excess Garbage

Excess residential garbage may be taken to either the Vanway Transfer Station off highway 16 west, behind the Vanway Firehall or to the Foothills Landfill located at the corner of Foothills Blvd and West Austin Road.  The Landfill can be reached by calling (250)960-4400.  No residential garbage will be accepted at the Quinn Street Transfer Station.

More Information

More information on automated garbage collection is available by following these links:

Recycling Information about Multi-Material BC

On May 19, 2014, businesses that supply packaging and printed paper to BC residents became responsible for collecting and managing these materials so they can be recycled.  Multi-Material BC (MMBC), a non-profit organization working on behalf of these businesses, is responsible for residential recycling programs in many areas across BC.  MMBC is delivering the program either directly or by working with local governments.  First Nations, private companies and not-for-profit organizations.  Learn more about MMBC at

Recycling collection questions or need more information? 

Contact Emterra Environmental Customer Service

Email:  Phone:   250.596.8023 Website 


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